What is Background Music?

Music is an indispensable part of our lives. Yet besides the ability to touch to the depth of our soul, or to play as a means of expression for our thoughts and feelings, music is also a method for relaxation that has a positive effect, mentally and physically.

There exist many different genres of music, but this one type of classical music would never go out of style - Background Music, especially that for relaxation. With a gentle and sophisticated melody, Background Music is a term to refer to many different genres of music, expressed in the form of instrumental ensembles such as piano, guitar, trumpet, flute, etc. accompanied by sounds from nature such as waves crashing, wind blowing, or water flowing. If you do a quick search on YouTube, there will be a lot of results appearing for background music with keywords being nature sounds, calm music, healing music, soothing music, binaural beats... and videos ranging from 1 to 6 hours (even 12 hours) synthesizing mellow and joyful orchestral music.

Background Music is created for different purposes

Background Music not only helps relieve stress, relax the mind, increase concentration, but also constribute to the increase of work quality and productity, according to many convincing evidences found recently.

Genres of Background Music with relaxing effects

1. Classical
This genre is light, with smooth melodies, helping to stabilize the heart rate, reduce energy and high blood pressure, which make listeners feel less stressed. It is safe to assume that this is an effective traditional method for mental relaxation. Referring to this genre of music, we must mention famous names such as Beethoven, Mozart, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, etc. with many pieces that are still classic until today. Classical music is often used to make relaxing background music for many different spaces.

2. Jazz
Jazz is known exclusively for listeners of the upper-class, but now this genre is quite popular among many, because of its deep melodies and sweet, melodious, and fun instrumental sounds. These enable this genre to easily dispel the fatigue and relax our spirit amidst a busy life. The well-known instrument associated with this genre is the saxophone, whose magical sound gradually alleviates your mind into a state of no sorrow, with only the music reverberates inside. Jazz is used as background music to create a relaxing vibe in coffee shops and small cozy spaces.

3. New Age
New Age is the genre without lyrics, mainly using instrumental sounds mixed with melodies from nature. The highlight of this genre is the delicate combination of the other two - classical and jazz, bringing up a completely new vibe and giving listeners a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation.

4. Relaxing music
Relaxing music is one of the genres that perhaps everyone has heard once in their life, and is chosen by many people to listen to in times of stress and fatigue. With slow, gentle melodies and natural sounds, relaxing music will help listeners feel relaxed, less stressed or tired, and regain energy to continue with work. This genre is especially popular on YouTube in recent years, and is used as a popular type of background music in the world.

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