What is Study Music?

Have you ever wanted to sit in the middle of a scenery with the sound of birds singing, of falling rain or the waves crashing the shores accompanied by a gentle and soothing melody? Surely your mind will feel so comfortable and you can focus better on studying, reading, or simply can relax your mind to the best rest it deserves.

Science has proven that when the brain functions, it produces brain waves, which are divided into 5 types: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Corresponding to each type of human activity, the brain will generate a different type of brain wave, such as Beta waves is born when we are awake, Theta waves is born when we enjoy some kind of relaxation, etc.

Study Music with Alpha brain waves helps you sleep better

In particular, according to scientific evidence, Alpha waves, with a frequency of 8-12Hz, have been proven to be effective in helping the human brain to enhance their focus and increase their creativity. Alpha waves are utilized a lot in Study Music, because the melody of this genre enbale you to focus more on the work you are doing to achieve greater efficiency.

Study Music playlist by Relaxing Music helps you focus

Understanding the role and importance of focusing on work efficiency, Relaxing Music has created extremely useful videos for anyone who needs concentration or who has a habit of working while listening to music. 

Listening to Study Music helps you focus better

Study Music is a collection of orchestral music with gentle and soothing melodies, accompanied by sounds of nature such as birdsong, falling rain, or crashing waves. Especially, these pieces of Study Music with Alpha waves of 8-14 Hz - those that stimulates concentration and creativity - will help listeners focus more on their work.

Study Music is particularly useful and necessary for students, teachers/ lecturers, office workers, etc. when they need to high concentration for work.

Besides the purpose of increasing the listener's focus while working or studying, the melodies created by Relaxing Music are also very gentle and smooth, which also is perfect for pre-sleep relaxation, or fall asleep more easily.

Listen to Study Music playlist from Relaxing Music to study more effectively:
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